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Performalise is crucial for any team looking to make consistent strides forward. 

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Team planning requires a thorough understanding of the business value to be delivered. A critical aspect of this process is identifying potential risks. This is where the Performalise Risk score helps Teams flag and manage risks more effectively.


How confident are you in your Team’s ability to identify and manage risks?



The Daily Scrum is an important meeting where the team discusses their progress and asks for help if needed. They use Performalise Confidence Rating to ensure they don't miss any problems and to see their confidence in achieving their goal.


How valuable are your Daily Scrums?

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The team must involve stakeholders and assess completed work for a successful Sprint Review. Performalise's feedback system makes it easy to evaluate satisfaction and identify areas for improvement.

How much value do your Stakeholders get from Review?



Effective retrospectives inspire teams to improve collaboration, processes, tools, and quality. High-performing teams need to dive deep in for real results; superficial discussions won’t cut it. Some teams struggle to act on their ideas. That’s where Performalise comes in. Let Performalise help you take the right actions to achieve the results you need.


Do your Retrospectives drive measurable improvements?

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Team Analytics

Performalise’s team analytics dashboard is a crucial tool for agile teams. It gives them a voice. It tracks metrics, analyses progress and identifies areas for improvement. It’s a benchmark for measuring progress and keeping teams motivated.


How does your data support and inspire your team?

Company Analytics

Analytics are crucial in helping businesses streamline their processes and achieve cost-effectiveness. Real-time visibility provides valuable insights into user needs, product performance, and goals, allowing for informed decisions and quick adjustments to ensure faster launches. Performalise identifies areas that need improvement to ensure success.


Do you know which of your teams needs your help today?

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The future of business is Agile.
The future of Agile is Performalise.

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