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Great Teams.
Great Results.

Performalise provides your teams with what they need to make significant progress.

Happy Team
developers team
Sprint Risk
Definition of Done


Weave continuous, actionable feedback into your Agile workflow, swiftly overcoming obstacles and enhancing quality.
Elevate your voice across the organization, ensuring your insights drive meaningful progress and meet critical timelines!

How would instant, actionable insight on how best to achieve the Sprint Goals improve your sprint?

Product Owner

Product Owner

Empower your role as a Product Owner with Performalise. Harness real-time feedback and actionable analytics to drive your product vision forward. Streamline communication, optimize decision-making, and enhance stakeholder engagement, propelling your products to market even faster.


How would having immediate, actionable insight into the team's understanding of the roadmap improve your work?

Product Owner
Daily Confidence
Scrum Master
scrum master
Stakeholder Satisfaction

Scrum Master

Elevate your Scrum mastery with Performalise: Streamline events, track team dynamics, and amplify your impact as a Scrum Master..

Are you ready to supercharge your team's performance with seamless workflows and invaluable insights.?

Agile Coach

Agile Coach

Maximize your Agile team's effectiveness with Performalise: enable real-time feedback and deep analytics for proactive adjustments. Foster open communication and continuous improvement, empowering you to guide teams toward peak performance.

Align every action with goals, ensuring your coaching delivers tangible results!


Performalise operates as a force multiplier in coaching, enhancing team effectiveness and speeding up success through instant feedback.

Agile Coach
4Ls Facilitation
Delta+ Facilitation
Start Stop Continue Facilitation
Team Satisfaction
Improvement Completion


See how your Agile teams utilise real-time feedback and analytics for faster product launches and increased business value.


Imagine a future where there are no surprises


The future of business is Agile.
The future of Agile is Performalise.

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