See exactly what you need to deliver

Make better decisions based on real-time data

Clear insights

You stay focused on what matters most. Fit for purpose ways of working guide you to what to tackle next.

Focused skill prfiles
Live data analytics

Live data

Knowing where you want to go is valuable, knowing where you are is priceless. Performalise guides you every step of the journey.

Intuitive analytics

Connect and visualise your data in real-time. Team leaders can analyse data with ease. No tangled spreadsheets, just insight.

Team performance mtrics
Policy adherence

No doubts

What if you could see your team's awareness of your policies?

Game Thinking 


Not your typical dull corporate system - Performalise embraces 'game thinking' for joyful skill acquisition. Engaging goals drive your progress towards success. Fresh feedback keeps you on the pulse of your progress.

Connected Intelligence

Performalise triggers meaningful connections at the very moment, your teams need to learn. Be guided beyond your own sphere and exposed to the best opportunities to acquire skills. The net result - Improve performance by 30%.



Performalise delivers real-time data surfacing risks, opportunities and recommendations for improvement. It's a smarter way to connect people's skills with what you need to achieve your goals. Power up your people and inspire them to succeed.

Get started with Performalise and focus on what matters most - your success.