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Transform Agile Performance. 
One Sprint at a time.

Satisfied Performalise User
Sprint Satisfaction - 7
Sprint Satisfaction - 9
Sprint Satisfaction - 9 (Up 6 Points)

Are you a part of an Agile team looking to take your productivity to the next level? You've arrived at the ultimate destination for achieving just that.

What is Performalise?

The platform is specifically designed to help improve team performance for Agile teams. With Performalise, you can leverage real-time feedback to drive strategic improvements, resulting in shorter time-to-market and optimised product outcomes.

Never ask
"How could this happen?"
ever again

Understand what could compromise the success of your Sprint with risk insights and measure its impact through live reports.

Happy Scrum Master
Performalise Risk Indicator
Roadmap Understanding
Product Owner that just received Kudos
New kudos received
New Kudos received from a team mate

Happy teams.
It's not optional.

Give your people a chance to be seen with peer-to-peer recognition and watch team satisfaction rise.

Active Stakeholder engagement

Optimise the output of future Sprints with active Stakeholder engagement sprint-on-sprint to create a product users will love.

Stakeholder Satisfaction
Stkaeholder Satisfaction Avg going up
Developer after a successful Sprint

One place.
Not all over the place.

Understand team health at a glance with real-time automated agile analytics from the team to the entire organisation.

Sprint Metrics Summary
Burning Projects

The future of business is Agile.
The future of Agile is Performalise.

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