Connecting what you build to how you build it

Guide your people to do the right things right

73% of companies are unable to deliver the projects that are asked of them.

37% of the skills employees use today were learned in the past year 

57% of employees develop new skills through interactions with colleagues. 

Why connecting skills matters

According to Gartner, 77% of L&D functions opt to enable employees to be continuous learners, but our research shows that this approach is actually detrimental and reduces skills preparedness. Why? They are disconnected: They see how the skills leaders identify are impacting them, but don’t perceive personal career benefits to upskilling and are overwhelmed by too many irrelevant learning options.

Digital teams need a wide range of skills, which they may or may not have today. 64%of managers don’t think their employees can keep pace with future skills needs and traditional learning & development is too broad.

The solution? Performalise finds the gaps and guides relevant, on-the-job learning.

Cultivate a growth mindset

Your people are your biggest asset so maximise their know-how. Performalise guides the whole team so they can see where they are and the specific skills they need to acquire next. 

Team Leader success

Change is the new norm. With new challenges, new technology and new ways of working, leading teams is harder than ever. Performalise shows leaders their team’s engagement, skills and progress in real-time, so they can focus on results. 

Tap into the power of the crowd

In today’s fast-paced knowledge economy, where online courses, certificates and nano degrees are bridging skill gaps, it’s hard to stay ahead. Give your teams the power of guided, crowd-sourced learning so they stay relevant.

Get started with Performalise and focus on what matters most - your success.


Life saver - like Google maps for my team. It helped us to deliver our project much faster by knowing which elements need adjusting - every little helps!” 

Head of Technology - Major Retailer

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