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Hit your goals, without the scramble. Make every Refinement effective with Performalise by mapping your path to success.


Getting Started

Make Review more than show and tell

The Review is a collaborative, working session for the scrum team and any stakeholders to come together and inspect the outcome of the sprint, usually revolving around the Product Increment that has been produced. Facilitating regular sessions to inspect and adapt quickly, means the team can reduce wasteful effort working on things that may no longer be valuable or viable. 

Topic One: Start with the Roadmap


The Scrum Team and Stakeholders start by grounding themselves on the roadmap, asking “How far are we from achieving the Product Goal?”, “Is the Product Goal still valid?” and “Are there any threats to us achieving it?”

Topic Two: The Output of the Sprint

The Scrum Team can facilitate a ‘Show & Tell’ of the value produced as part of the Product Increment and how it meets the Sprint Goal. Aiming to answer such as “Did we achieve the Goal?”, “What value have we delivered?” and “Was there anything of value we learned?”.

By revolving discussions and planning around the Roadmap, the Stakeholders and the Scrum Team collaborate in the session on what the plan looks like for the upcoming sprints, updating the Product Backlog as necessary. 

Supporting the Team

Teams often struggle to deliver what’s really important at a Review and find it hard to get actionable feedback - especially if the audience is broad.


Remember, Stakeholders can feel uncomfortable speaking out, so we have a broken feedback loop. The Stakeholder Satisfaction score is an easy way to get their input, simply send the link and ask open questions to get to the detail. A simple but powerful technique!

Performalise leads the way

Bring your team’s Sprint Review together in one shared space and collaborate, no matter where you are.

Performalise makes sure your close out your Sprint with everything you need, from Product Owner and Stakeholder Satisfaction Scores to a review of the Product Roadmap to keep the team looking forward to the Product Goal.

Performalise is all you need to do great Agile.

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Running Review? Use the Performalise Review tool to guide the conversation and capture your session’s output.


The Stakeholder Satisfaction score shows trends over time, giving you the ability to not only know their satisfaction but how it’s improving as you build your relationships. Aim for 8 or more!

Applying improvements to your Review processes can boost efficiency and have a significant impact on your Sprint—especially when you use the right tools. Performalise is designed to take what you do well, and help you do it even better. Start your next Sprint success story with Performalise

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