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Effective Refinement means predictable, stable and consistent teams that turn vision into value. Improve your processes today.


Getting Started

Take the time to Refine

Refinement, for an agile team, is the decomposition of very large and vague requests to actionable work that a single Scrum Team could deliver inside a Sprint.

Having predictable, stable and consistent teams that can deliver well and often, turning vision into value, is essential for a business to excel. Lower degrees of refinement discipline can lead to work taking a lot longer than a team expected, needing reworking entirely or causing poor quality of code, surfacing as defects or broken dependencies within their environment.


The Refinement process facilitates opportunities for PBIs to be broken down to a point they are understood well by the Team, are small enough to be completed confidently in a sprint and are independently implementable. 


The Scrum Master facilitates the Team through the process, separating and plotting their Team’s Definition of Done across the process that they need to ultimately ensure a PBI is truly ready for Development when added to a Sprint Backlog.

Refine for a Successful Sprint

So many Sprints fail because Teams are simply not prepared. People often can’t see the complexity of items and some people are simply not comfortable speaking out so miss the pitfalls.


The Refinement ceremony walks you through a clear process with key checkpoints for active verification. It’s about building new habits and helping people gain the confidence to speak out. 

Performalise leads the way

Bring your team’s Sprint Refinement together in one shared space and collaborate no matter where you are.

Performalise makes sure your refinement sessions focus on what's important - refining work so there are no surprises and it's ready to work on immediately from Sprint Planning.

Performalise is all you need to do great Agile.



Running Review? Use the Performalise Review tool to guide the conversation and capture your session’s output.


Give Kudos! Working in a Scrum environment can be challenging; ensure to focus on really celebrating the successes of the team in Retrospective. 

Applying improvements to your Planning processes can boost efficiency and significantly impact your Sprint—especially when you use the right tools. Performalise is designed to take what you do well and help you do it even better. Start your next Sprint success story with Performalise

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