Planning for Business Continuity in times of uncertainty

How prepared are you?

Organisations must continue to deliver throughout this time of uncertainty. For many this will mean enforced working from home is the new normal. How do you maintain productivity? And how do you plan for a major operational catastrophe? It’s a time when your organisations’ resilience and innovation today will pay dividends and help you thrive - not just survive. Highlights of McKinsey’s latest advice include:

Nurture new behaviours

It’s a time to take care of your teams and help them stabilise in their new modus operandi. New behaviours take around 30 days to establish.

Confidence breeds confidence

Extensive media coverage can easily lower morale which in turn is counterproductive so convey genuine (not phoney) confidence in your messaging that performing “as normal” will see us through the pandemic.

Reinforce key priorities

Ensure everyone is clear about what’s really important and help them stay on track whilst working from home. Measure how you’re doing.

Scenario planning

Know your people’s capabilities and run scenarios of how they could be redeployed to best support a fast-changing operational situation. You need details of:

  • Key worker resilience

  • Single point of knowledge/failure

  • Critical threshold to perform

  • Reassigning responsibilities

How can you get to those important facts quickly and reliably?


List the key products and services your organisation provides which if disrupted for any reason will have the greatest impact.


Identify the maximum length of time that you can manage disruption to each of your key products and services without it threatening your organisation’s viability - Maximum Tolerable Period of Disruption.


You should now set the point in time at which each of your key products and services would need to be resumed in the event of a disruption (this is often referred to as the Recovery Time Objective or RTO).


You should document the critical skills that are required to deliver your key products and services.


Quantify the resources and staff required over time, to maintain the critical activities at an acceptable level.


Performalise enables you to map, guide and visualise your teams’ skills, capabilities and performance towards goals in real-time. It means that your teams and leaders can trust that they’re getting the whole picture and are ready to adapt. In just two working weeks you can have an independent status update and a clear plan for the way ahead. With very little disruption to your already de-stabilised teams, Performalise enables you to make better, faster decisions and lead with confidence.

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