Identify compliance to policy 

in real-time

Transform your organisation's responsiveness to regulatory and policy changes


Banks spend up to 60% of their change budget on regulatory compliance


$321 Billion

Banks have spent more than $321 billion on enforcement actions, fines and settlements since 2008



72% of financial institutions’ compliance departments are facing budget cuts


Compliance to policy risk is one of the most

significant concerns for organisations

With understanding of policy as low as 28%* in organisations - certification doesn't reflect staff knowledge. Performalise demonstrates organisational maturity, directly from the people delivering.

*Financial Services Client

Respond to immediate pressures

Managing the enterprise's risk landscape means navigating complex and constantly changing requirements. 


Performalise uses leading indicators to pre-empt and assess immediate risk - enabling you to prioritise and manage the most critical areas in real-time.


How are we

applying policy?

See the reality of your risk rather than accepting false certainty that we apply Policy.


Performalise shows you through the eyes of your people to see what your organisation is actually doing.

Real-time risk reporting

Lagging indicators tell the truth too late. Performalise assesses the state of overall compliance in real-time.

Live performance analytics, user feedback and diagnostics put you in control.


Identify your true risk and take control today