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Bring your team’s Sprint Planning together in one shared space and collaborate no matter where you are, with Performalise.


Getting Started

Organise & plan Sprint work

Sprint Planning is the ceremony at the beginning of each Sprint. It is where the Scrum team comes together to plan the work they are committing to complete within their Sprint timebox. 

It happens every 1-4 weeks, reducing the time between adaptation, so if there are any changes in the market or product needs, the team can adapt plans quickly in this ceremony.


The team plans work that...

  • Contributes to the overall Product Goal

  • Is valuable - represented by a Sprint Goal

  • Achievable within the Sprint time-box. 

Sprint Planning can be broken into 3 segments, with clear objectives for each

Topic One: Why is the Sprint valuable?


Keeping the Product Goal in focus, the Product Owner may bring specific Product Backlog Items (PBIs) they believe will bring value to the Product Goal - the Developers decide from this what can be done. 

The whole scrum team works towards agreeing on a Sprint Goal, which should equally focus on delivering value in the sprint and contribute to the Product Goal. 

Topic Two: What can be Done this Sprint?

The Scrum Team work to understand exactly what they can commit to, to meet the agreed Sprint Goal. 

The Developers ultimately decide what PBIs can be committed to based on their inspection of the previously mentioned information and their Definition of Done, ensuring that the PBIs they choose still meet the Sprint Goal. 

Topic Three: How will the chosen work get done?

The Developers focus on breaking down each PBI into smaller more manageable tasks (of less than a day in size), to cover everything that is needed to get the PBI “done”; using their Definition of Done to guide them. 

Supporting the Team

Remember, even though Sprint Planning includes how the Team will deliver the work, tasks are definitely not assigned to individuals.  


The how part of Planning is so that the Team plans the work order and how to manage risks and dependencies in enough detail that everyone knows what needs doing.


Once that’s clear they can self-organise, pulling their work on a daily basis. 

Performalise leads the way

Bring your team’s Sprint Planning together in one shared space and collaborate no matter where you are.

Performalise makes sure your team has clarity and context from the get-go. Share an intended Sprint Goal, examine transparent key metrics and more to set the stage for an impactful Sprint.

Make it easy for your team to focus on getting work to meet the Definition of Done. Jointly define each stage of ‘Done’ to see what’s important and where things are getting stuck.

Performalise is all you need to do great Agile.



Running Planning? Use the Performalise Planning tool to guide the conversation and capture your session’s output.


Failure to plan is planning to fail. Only start your Sprint when you have a Confidence Rating of 8/10 or higher!

Applying improvements to your Planning processes can boost efficiency and significantly impact your Sprint—especially when you use the right tools. Performalise is designed to take what you do well and help you do it even better. Start your next Sprint success story with Performalise

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