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Upgrade your Agile results with Performalise

Boost confidence, control, and transparency at every Agile phase for faster time to value and fewer surprises.

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Built by Agile experts to fix Agile problems

After helping 500+ organizations upgrade their Agile, we know the struggles:

  • Delayed launches, lost sales, and stunted growth.

  • Thousands wasted on failed sprints and developer hours.

  • No transparency puts leaders in embarrassing situations.

  • Losing frustrated, unheard team members to competitors.

  • Scrum Masters spread too thin, impacting quality and results 

  • Processes full of “surprises”, costing resources and stress.

  • Inconsistent feedback and idea-sharing stifles innovation.

Performalise empowers teams to reduce time to revenue, employee attrition, and leadership’s blind spots while giving every team member a voice.
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High-Achieving Teams Use Performalise


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Chief of Solutions

Gustav Purpleson


Agile Teams Love Performalise. Here are 6 Reasons Why.

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Makes Agile Effective

Many say they practice Agile, but don’t maximise its benefits.

Performalise makes Agile easy, guiding users with step-by-step processes, AI-driven recommendations, and monthly workshops, helping Scrum Masters and Agile newbies alike.


Everyone Has a Voice

Vital ideas and feedback often go unheard, costing transparency and psychological safety.

However, Performalise creates feedback loops through every phase, helping users share 26,000 ideas to date and improving stakeholder satisfaction by 45%.


Faster Time to Value

Too often, leaders are unaware of risks, defects, and delays—until it’s too late.

Performalise makes problems visible early on, so leaders can make adjustments from detailed, real-time insights, preventing GTM catastrophes.


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Boosts Productivity & Savings

Failed sprints cost $30k on average—without factoring in the costs of GTM delays and lost sales.

Performalise clients complete 33% more successful sprints, reducing costs and chaos, thanks to easy-to-follow best practices.


Successful, Happy Teams

Team members stay longer and contribute more when they’re successful and supported.

By achieving more wins, Performalise clients report  boosting team satisfaction by 38%, inspiring the best teams to do even better work.

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Upgrade Your Agile Tech Stack

Connect Performalise to JIRA, Microsoft Azure DevOps, Miro, and other product management tools. Get instant access to tickets, product roadmaps and more, making your Agile toolkit more effective.

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Prepare for Success

Ensure you gather vital details, write effective briefs, generate feedback, and identify risks with helpful templates and step-by-step guidance for an effective sprint.

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Lead Better Scrums

Easily harvest input, pivot plans, and lead effective scrums, allowing every team member to be heard with Confidence Votes

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Check the Value

Avoid half-done sprints and disengaged stakeholders by measuring progress, value to customer, roadmap progress, and more for transparency and tangible feedback.

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Celebrate Your Growth

Boost team health, identify areas of improvement, and track long-term progress, building a culture of achievement and accountability.


Get Real-Time Insights and Guidance at Every Step

From risk factors to team confidence and more, leaders have actionable, centralized data for data-driven decisions. Plus, teams have the expertise they need with AI-driven recommendations, monthly workshops, the Knowledge Hub, available performance evaluations, and more.

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Maximise Agile’s Impact with Scalable Performalise Pricing

Choose how many Agile teams are in your organization

Your Performalise Investment:



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Whether you have 5 or 15+ Agile teams, every Performalise plan includes

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Product & Sprint Goals
Definition of Done Templates
Sprint Planning Toolkit
Confidence Votes

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Group 1313.png
Group 1313.png
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Sprint Review
Definition of Ready Guidance
Improvement Goals
Improvement Flows

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Group 1313.png
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Company & Team Analytics
Sprint Retrospective
Stakeholder & Team Satisfaction Scores
Product Owner Satisfaction Scores

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Performalise Knowledge Hub
Skills Management
Monthly Analytics & Improvement Workshops
Monthly Team Dojos

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Daily Scrum Planning & Guide
Kudos Module

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