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No more guesswork - be certain you’ll achieve your Sprint Goal every time when you boost your teams with Performalise.

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Getting Started

Be guided by your Sprint Goal

The Daily Scrum is a 15-minute meeting for Developers to inspect progress towards the Sprint Goal and adapt the Sprint Backlog as necessary, adjusting the upcoming planned work. The Developers plan their actions for the day in conjunction with the Sprint Goal.


Start the ceremony with the Sprint Goal.  This is the team’s true north throughout the Sprint - any work delivered should be aligned to the goal.


Next, Developers individually cover any work that’s almost done and what needs changing to get that work over the line. As work is completed, a visible Story Burndown will help teams easily understand where they are today and whether they are on track to achieving the Sprint Goal by the end of the Sprint.


Following this, Developers confirm their progress on any Improvement items committed to in Planning.

Finally, the team rate their confidence to achieve the Sprint Goal. If this is trending down, Developers discuss and bring impediments to the attention of the Scrum Master.

More than just a stand-up


A Daily ceremony is a chance for the Team to really connect and make sure everyone is focused on meeting the Goal.

Many things are discussed in chats and channels but are not necessarily linked to progress. That’s why it’s not a status update, nor a time for long discussions, but a real opportunity for you all to check and align with each other. 

Performalise leads the way

Bring your team’s Daily Scrum together in one shared space and collaborate no matter where you are.

Performalise removes bottlenecks that prevent the team from doing their best work. Check Improvement Tasks for delivery and set a goal to achieve them to get everything done for the team to improve.

No more guesswork - be certain you’ll achieve your Sprint Goal. With Performalise's daily check-in on the team’s confidence to achieve the Sprint Goal, you can make sure your team has everything they need to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate work, from start to finish.

Performalise is all you need to do great Agile.


Scrum is an empirical process - each Sprint should include improvements to progress ways of working and effectiveness.


If all you ask is the standard three questions you’re missing a trick. Check-in on Risks, give colleagues Kudos for that tricky task they just completed and raise any Impediments.

Daily Scrum


Is your Sprint on track? Use the Performalise Daily tool to gauge the team's confidence they will achieve the Sprint Goal.

Applying improvements to your Daily Scrum processes can boost efficiency and significantly impact your Sprint—especially when you use the right tools. Performalise is designed to take what you do well and help you do it even better. Start your next Sprint success story with Performalise

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