Planning for

Business Continuity

in times of uncertainty

How prepared are you?

Organisations must continue to deliver throughout this time of uncertainty. For many it means enforced working from home is the new normal.


How do you maintain productivity? And how do you plan for a major operational catastrophe? It’s a time when your organisations’ resilience and innovation today will pay dividends and help you thrive - not just survive. 

Preparing for COVID-19

Process planning

Evaluate people and processes over time to determine risks and plan for recovery. Know your people’s capabilities and run scenarios of how to redeploy them in a fast-changing operational situation.

Key employee risk analysis
Skills mapping
Reinforce key priorities

Reinforce key priorities

Ensure everyone is clear about what’s really important and help them stay on track whilst working from home. Polls communicate, measure and share what’s happening,  how you’re doing and what’s next.

Easy custom polls
5 star ratings

Nurture new behaviours

Help your teams stabilise in their new normal. New behaviours take around 30 days to establish, support your teams with the Daily Challenge. 

Reward employee success
Marginal gains
Keep morae through COVID-19

Confidence breeds confidence

Maintain morale and momentum by keeping people-focused. See engagement levels on the Team Dashboard, see who needs support.  Keep your Team connected and on purpose.

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