Great Agile.


"Lifesaver - like Google maps for my team. It helped us to deliver our project much faster by knowing which elements need adjusting - every little helps!” 

Head of Technology - Major Retailer

Hi, we're Performalise

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And we’re serious about helping Agile teams deliver great products. Successful teams all over the world know how to do this.


We have codified what works best.

Optimising Agile has never been easier.

Do the right stuff

We could all use a little help at times. The Performalise Guru is here to guide you with what matters most. You can see what and how to improve.


Gain insights about the way the team really works. See where you’re making progress and where you need to amp up performance.


Guru is with you all the way.

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One place.

Not all over the place.

Work is especially challenging when stuff’s spread out across tangled spreadsheets. People put the right information in the wrong place so things get lost and metrics lose meaning.


But when it’s all together in Performalise, you’ll see the things everyone needs to know about at the click of a mouse.

See stuff

We all want transparency, right? Dashboards show the true state of your delivery. No more chasing metrics, you keep track of all the moving pieces and know exactly what’s happening at a glance. 

Good news: Increasing your productivity is so much easier when you see, inspect and adapt. Let the Guru guide you with great data.

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Bring your team’s Sprint Planning together in one shared space and collaborate no matter where you are with Performalise.

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No more guesswork - be certain you’ll achieve your Sprint Goal every time when you boost your teams with Performalise.

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Hit your goals, without the scramble. Make every Refinement effective with Performalise by mapping your path to success.

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Hit your goals, without the scramble. Make every Refinement effective with Performalise by mapping your path to success.

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Be Agile

 We’ve distilled the patterns & behaviours of successful teams so you can avoid common pitfalls.  Just all the tools you need for a great team, right at your fingertips. Guru helps you fine-tune and take it to the next level.


When you bring talent and insights together, the results are exceptional - more aware and motivated teams and ultimately, a far more agile enterprise.

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Get started with Performalise and focus on what matters most - your success.