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Performalise - customers achieve exceptional results!

  • Over 26,000 improvement ideas

  • Meeting effectiveness improved by 60%

  • Team satisfaction improved by 38%

  • Sprint success rate increased by 33%

  • Stakeholder satisfaction improved by 45%

(source: Performalise customer last 6 months)

Agile Teams have improved, but ...
42% say Agile is not used consistently across teams
40% say Agile clashes with company culture
Survey Results

The use of full Scrum increases quality 

  • When teams adopt full Scrum methodology while creating products, they can significantly reduce the defect density. 

Agile teams are 25% more productive.

  • It is worth noting that Agile teams exhibit a remarkable 50% increase in speed to market as compared to their non-Agile counterparts, a phenomenon primarily attributable to their heightened focus on tasks. This increased efficiency is a key factor in their long-term effectiveness.​

  • Improved communication and team focus contribute to a 25% increase in productivity on agile products.


Reasons for failure include

  • 44% of Agile projects fail due to a lack of experience with Agile methods.

  • Company culture clashes with Agile values (42%),

  • lack of management (38%), and external pressure to continue older traditions like waterfall (37%).


There is much potential for improvement in product development. Studies have shown that more than 60% of the product development budget is being wasted, but this also means that there is an opportunity to optimize the process and reduce waste.

(source: McKinsey&Co, Scrum Alliance)

gartner peer community

Gartner Peer Community is a community of verified executives to increase value through timely answers and meaningful peer connections.

Only 8% think teams are predictable and productive

Gartner survey

Scrum Masters need to focus on improving overall business outcomes.

Scrum Masters must take necessary steps to improve their skills and knowledge to serve the organisation better. It is crucial to focus on enhancing outcomes for stakeholders and achieving overall business success.

Gartner peer review SM

(source: Gartner Peer Review)


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